Passion is a Sum

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

This story begins with that nasty “why do I exist?” question - but not for long. It’s a big, hairy monster of a question. So let’s start with throwing it in the trash.

Literally. Write down “Why do I exist?” on a piece of paper and then throw it in the trash. Burn it, flush it down the toilet, whatever.

That was fun. Now instead, write this down:

“What do I want out of this one life I have?”

Mel Kelly with husband and two kids

For me, the answer to that question was MUCH easier to answer.

  • Be with my family

  • Have rich, meaningful relationships and friendships

  • Stay active and healthy

  • Help people

  • Travel and see the world

  • Become an artist

That wasn’t so hard.

This question changed the game for me, in a world of messages about how we’re all “made to do great things” or to “live your passion.”

Passion can be a sum.

Our “passion” doesn’t have to be THE ONLY thing we want in life. Our passion can be a sum of all the things in our life that make us the most happy.

But if we never take the time to ask the question, or ask the right question, we’ll never know what that “passion” sum is.

Once you know, you can then decide if what you’re doing with your life right now helps you achieve those specific things.

So what matters to you right now?

Let’s stop trying to figure out what we’re made to do. Let's stop trying to figure out what's missing.

Instead, let’s think about what matters to us in our current lives, today.

That’s the only life we’re going to have.