Say It And Make It So

So it never happened. Leonardo Di Caprio never stumbled across my Instagram feed. He never discovered me like I always hoped, and he definitely never called me the most brilliant artist he'd ever encountered. Dreams shattered.

At some point in our lives, we have to stop expecting someone to "discover" us, and we have to decide to break into the world we want to be in. As much as I would LOVE for Leo to buy one of my pieces of artwork, I hit a point where I realized I had to be my own catalyst.

There must be something more.

Before my art business started, I got a degree in public relations, got married, bought a house and had two awesome little boys. We’ve been busy and very fortunate. During that time, I have been working in marketing, web design and nonprofits. Not too shabby.

And while being a wife and mom are both dreams I’ve always had, I wanted something more. I wanted to have my own identity outside of my day job(s). And I don’t think that’s something any of us should feel bad about.

Let's face it. Even Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” had this figured out.

Along came a not-guru.

Then one cold winter night, I was all bundled up in front of Netflix and I stumbled upon a Tony Robbins video called “I Am Not Your Guru.” If you’re not familiar with him, look him up. His stuff is just so good and will help you grow your business.

Instead of just having something on in the background, I ended up watching it on the edge of my seat. It was my "Oh, crap" moment. It helped me realize that life is today, not in the grand future. It helped me see that I’ve been asking the wrong question about my life.

For the first time he had me forgetting about "Who am I supposed to be?" and instead asking, “What do I want out of this one life that I have?”

Seeing is believing.

So I made my list of things that made me happy.

The list contained normal things like "being with my family" and "travelling." But I also threw on there "becoming an artist." It stood out to me like a sore thumb because it was the only point I wasn’t already actively pursuing.

I've always done art. But I've never pursued art with focus in a singular direction.

I called myself an artist, and then I was.

When I saw "become an artist" on my list, I decided to write down “artist” as my title. I had never called myself that before. Ahah!

I called myself an artist, and then I was. And as simple as that, I figured out what had been missing for me.

In doing that, I was able to start asking other questions like, “Is this an artist’s signature? If not, let’s make one. Doesn’t an artist have a collection of similar work? I guess I should do that. Since I’m an artist and all…”

See how that evolved? Maybe you’re not as backwards as I am, but I had to figure things out in reverse.

And then came progress (and satisfaction).

The best part was that all of my self-consciousness evaporated and it hasn’t come back since. I’m a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend… and I’m an artist. Because that’s what’s important to me. Because that’s what I want my life to be about.

Since that day, with tons of loving support from my family and friends, I created an official artist signature, a business plan, started making a body of work (instead of just one-offs), started selling work, created a website, started and Etsy shop, doing local art pop-ups, and even signed on as vendor in a local boutique. All because I finally asked the right question.

Feels good.

Here’s your next step.

Today you can do something to scratch that itch that's been bothering you. Even if it’s just writing down a question.

One thing at a time. One day at a time. Little by little you can re-direct your own life story, starting with asking yourself this one question...

“What do I want out of this one life that I have?”