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Mel Kelly

Mel Kelly is an abstract map artist from the Kansas City area and the creator of the River Painting Dye Method.

Her latest “Get Lost” series of hand-dyed, abstract maps embodies adventure, freedom and self-empowerment.

"Get Lost"

A Series of Original Abstract Maps

Map Your Dreams And Go​

In addition to being an artist, Mel is a mom to two boys, an auntie and a friend to a lot of kiddos.


Her drive for being an artist is to show these kids that a dream isn't just an idea -- it's a destination.


With enough grit, we can turn our dreams into goals. And once we have a goal... we can map it out and go. 


These maps are a guide to your own adventure, freedom and self-empowerment.

Pieces from this series are all hand-dyed and can be found in collections from the Rocky Mountains to NYC.


The Process

Abstract Cartography

These maps are fictional. They tell a story. Mel calls this abstract cartography



The 100% cotton, archival quality canvas is hand-dyed using Mel's custom River Painting Dye Method.

Multiple Layers

The dyeing process takes multiple layers, heat, different color mixtures and ink to attain the final result.


Your Story

Your Adventure Awaits.

Mel's work can be found in collections from the Rocky Mountains to NYC.

Add a map to your own collection today.