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Welcome SouveNEAR!

My name is Mel Kelly. I'm a contemporary artist from the Kansas City area and I'd love a chance to be featured in your Kansas City display. 
Below are the "artifact originals" from my Get Lost collection of hand-dyed abstract maps. I think they would be a perfect fit for your display and mission.
I don't want to repeat too much from the application, but I thought it might be helpful to see it laid out.
Thanks for checking it out!

The Process

Abstract Cartography

These maps are fictional. They tell a story. Mel calls this abstract cartography


The 100% cotton, archival quality canvas is hand-dyed using Mel's custom River Painting Dye Method.

Multiple Layers

The dyeing process takes multiple layers, heat, different color mixtures and ink to attain the final result.

Mel with Raccoon Lagoon (7).jpg

Contact Mel

Reach her at or use the form below.

Thanks for reaching out! Mel will be back with you shortly.

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